Sports Portraits

Professional Composite Sports Portraits to Make Your Player Look Like a Hall of Famer!



Are you tired of the same old sports photos, year after year?  So are we!

Introducing Sports Portraits by Devine Imageworks – professionally hand-crafted green screen composites featuring high resolution digital templates and the professional photography of Tim Devine.  Devine Imageworks uses multi-layered digital templates created by leading digital artists to produce top-notch Sports Portraits that will make any athlete look their very best.

Sports Portraits by Devine Imageworks are photographed using professional studio lighting using expert lighting techniques.  Each image is then painstakingly extracted from its background and composited into a high-resolution, multi-layered digital template.  The composite is then blended and color-graded to produce a finished piece that you will be proud to hang on your wall and share with your friends and family on your social media accounts.

Many sports are available, from baseball to football, martial arts to cheerleading.  Dance, ballet, school band, or even regular school photos are no problem – Devine Imageworks has backgrounds to suit any needs.

The Devine Imageworks Difference

Devine Imageworks uses cutting-edge software and top-notch professionally designed backgrounds to create each Sports Portrait.  Whether it is an individual athlete, team banner, or group composite each image is painstaking created so that the final product far surpasses your expectations.  Templates can also be customized to fit your team’s logo and/ or color scheme – you can even choose whether or not to have player and  team names on the photos to give it a poster look!

Sports Portraits can be printed on traditional photo paper, glossy aluminum, heavy-duty vinyl, or even canvas!  All work is color-corrected and produced by a professional print lab, using the finest materials so that the products you order will be something that you are proud to display in your home or office.

Photo day can be an exciting time and Devine Imageworks’ goal is to make sure that your athletes are excited to have their time in front of the camera.  In addition to standard poses, posing guides will be available so you can choose what poses you might want to see in your portraits.  You can even select which images you want to use for your final images (time permitting).

Devine Imageworks offers an array of products to order, front print packages and a-la-carte photos to water bottles, travel mugs, trading cards, fridge magnets, even custom-made Fatheads!  If there is a product that you would want, chances are that we will be able to accommodate your needs.



Team Banners

Looking for a banner to take on the road with your travel team?  Devine Imageworks does that too!

Devine Imageworks’ unique approach to Sports Portraits lends itself perfectly to creating team banners.  Because each athlete’s photo in the banner is taken from their individual photo and then composited into the banner, every athlete will look their very best.  No more team shots with eyes closed, bad facial expressions, or any other imperfections.

Team banners are printed on heavy duty vinyl, complete with grommets, to be taken and displayed on road trips – they are also available as traditional  photo prints that you can frame and display in your home!


  • Is payment required on photo day?
    Yes. Devine Imageworks will send order forms prior to photo day.  Forms will also be available online.  We ask your form is completed and returned with full payment at the time of your session.  Please fill out (1) form per athlete being photographed.

  • Can we order more prints after our orders are delivered?
    Of course. Email ( or call 609-338-9717 with any order additions. Files are archived for at least 6 months.

  • What methods of payment are available?
    Bank cards (processed through Square), checks and cash are accepted. Returned checks will incur a $25.00 insufficient fund fee.

  • If I miss photo day – can I still be in the team photo?
    Makeups will be considered on a case by case basis and will incur a $25 per athlete make-up fee.  Sessions must be scheduled within 5 business days after your missed photo day. Please make every attempt to make your scheduled day and time slot.

  • How soon will I receive my order?
    Devine Imageworks requires 3 to 4 weeks to deliver to your school or coach from the last athlete photographed.  Make-up days, if requested, will be counted as the last athlete photographed.

  • Can I view my images first to decide on the best pose?
    To stay on schedule, this is not possible.  We don’t want to keep athletes and parents waiting for a seemingly endless amount of time on picture day.  We strive to capture 2 to 3 poses per athlete in 3 minutes or so. To insure a complete and accurate team photo, every team member must be photographed however purchasing a package is not required. We stand behind our work. A full refund will be issued if you are not altogether elated with your order.

  • My order is incomplete – now what?
    Please call or email ASAP if your order needs to be addressed or replaced. Prints are remade and shipped out in 5 working days. Custom add-on products will be shipped in 10 to 15 working days.

  • Can I take a photo with my own camera or cell phone?

    The short answer is “no” - personal photography is not permitted during the athlete’s photo session. Much like you would not go to a restaurant and ask to cook your own food, you have entrusted Devine Imageworks to make your athlete look his or her very best. Taking your own photos during the session not only is sure to distract your child, it also disrupts the rapport between subject & photographer. Please don’t be “that guy”.

Tim took our team photos for my daughter’s softball team. Tim was super nice, easy to work with through the entire process and does GREAT work! Tim also went over and beyond to get us a team banner with very short notice! Thank You, Tim!
— Lauren Thomas, South Jersey Pride Softball
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